Arduino DUE R3 with USB Cable

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The Arduino DUE
is a Microcontroller board based on the AT91SAM3X8E . This microcontroller has 54 digital I/O ports of which 12 can be used as PWM. In addition, the AT91SAM3X8E has 12 analog inputs.
The whole is controlled with a 16Mhz crystal and has a USB connector to program the AT91SAM3X8E. Furthermore, the AT91SAM3X8E has a power jack to power the board. Basically it's a small microcomputer that gives an unprecedented amount of possibilities to your project

Unlike the Arduino Uno R3, the DUE R3 has an SMD chip that cannot be exchanged, the DUE R3 must therefore be fully processed in a project. However, a number of shields are interchangeable between the Arduino Uno and the DUE R3. Keep in mind, however, that the DUE works on 3.3 Volts and so the shield that is used also supports 3.3 Volts

Microcontroller                                        AT91SAM3X8E
Operating Voltage                                    3.3V
Input Voltage (recommended)                  7-12V
Input Voltage (limits)                               6-16V
Digital I/O Pins                                        54 (oF which 12 provide PWM output)
Analog Input Pins                                     12
Analog Output Pins                                   2 (DAC)
Total DC Output Current on all I/O lines     130 mA
DC Current for 3.3V Pin                            800mA
DC Current for 5V Pin                               800mA
Flash Memory                                          512 KB all available for the user applications
SRAM                                                      96 KB (two banks: 64KB and 32KB)
Clock Speed ​​                                           84MHz
Length                                                    101.52 mm
Width                                                      53.3mm
Weight                                                    36 g

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