Battery Capacity Meter, 12 Volt with blue backlit LCD display, and percentage measurement

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Battery capacity meter for accurate measurement of your battery

If you use solar panels with a charge controller without a status display such as voltage and percentage, this battery capacity meter is an ideal tool to see how your battery is doing. The meter has a green backlight that is always active so that you can also see the status in the dark.


Backlight is steady on
Crystal Shell LCD Power Measurement
Display screen size: 36 x 12 mm, Thickness 10 mm
Suitable for: Lithium Batteries, and Lead Acid Batteries
Working power: 5 to 15 mA
Working voltage: 6 to 12 Volt
Dimensions: 48 x 25 mm Thickness 10 mm
Energy Resolution: 1%
Voltmeter Accuracy: 1%
Temperature range: -20 to 60 degrees Celsius
Including power cable
Red wire is +
Black Wire is -
External Dimensions: 64mm x 25mm x 12mm
Hole dimensions: 43mm x 11.3mm

S1: press and hold for 2 second to rotate between power and perscentage automatically in a 2 second interval:
S2: Press and hold for 10 seconds to put the display in sleep mode. To active the display again, press and hold 10 seconds.

Setting procedure:
1. Disconnect the module power supply, press and hold the setting button next, power on module. Display shows the current power setting parameters;
2. Press the setting button to select P / L / F ,

P = 12V lead acid,
L = 3.7V lithium battery,
F = 3.2V lithium iron phosphate battery);

3: Press the function key (S1) to set the number of the battery strings, according to the function keys and set the key up or down to choose the number of batteries in series;
4: Press the function key (S1) for a long time to enter the advanced setting interface, use setting key to select S1-S5, enter key to select or cancel the current mode;
5: Reenergize the power after setting. The power automatically saves setting data.

E.g. 10 lithium battery power, turn on power percentage and voltage automatic rotation display (S1 mode)
Operation: Disconnect display module power, press and hold the setting button, power the power module, press the setting button for a short time to select L, press the function key to select 10, press the function key for a long time to select S1 and re-power.

The own energy consumption of this meter is very little with only 15mA, the meter can be called energy-efficient


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