CC-VC Step Down Module, Current and Voltage Controll

CC-VC Step Down Module, Current and Voltage Controll

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Current and Voltage Controll module for use as a High Power LED Driver or Li-Ion, Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh Battery Charging Module.
- Voltage Adjustable
- Current Adjustable
- 92% Efficiency (max)
- Input Range 5 to 35 Volts DC
- Maximum Power: 3A ...More information
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Product description

  • Availability: In stock
  • Delivery time:Will be shipped within 24 hours
  • Unit price:€3,99 / Piece
Input Voltage: 5-35V

Rated Output Current: 3A

Output Voltage: Continuously adjustable from 1.25 V to 30V


  • The dropout voltage: 1.5V, because of reducing module, in order to ensure the output steady. Please keep the minimum 1.5V pressure difference.
  • This product with the charge constant current indicating lamp, the charge indicator lamp, lamp current adjustable ultra small volume.
  • Size: 48mm (L) *24mm(W) *11.4mm(high), not containing potentiometer (including the potentiometer height 13mm).


  • Module nature: Non isolated step-down constant current. Constant voltage module (CC CV). Charging module.
  • Scope of application: High power LED constant current drive, Lithium battery charging (including ferroelectric), 4V, 6V, 12V, 14V, 24V battery charge, NiCd and NiMH battery (batteries) charge, solar panels and wind generators.
  • Output voltage:
    1.Adjustable continuously (1.25-30V adjustable);
    2.Requires fixed output (between 1.25-30V arbitrary choice).
  • Adjustable mode: Connect the power correctly(7-35V), and then monitor the output voltage use multimeter, and potentiometers (generally, clockwise turn boost, inverse to buck).
  • Output voltage: Continuously adjustable (1.25-30V load regulation).
  • Maximum output current: 3A, (more than 15W install fins please).
  • Turn lamp current: constant current value * (1% - 100%), turn lamp current and constant current value linkage, such as constant current value is 3A, turn lamp current set to 0.1 times of the constant flow (0.1*3A=0.3A), when the value of the constant current regulation into 2A, then turn the lamp current is 0.1 times of the constant flow (0.1*2A=0.2A).
  • The dropout voltage: 2V
  • Output power: Natural cooling 15W
  • Efficiency: 92% (maximum 92% (the higher the voltage, the higher efficiency)
  • Output ripple: 20M bandwidth (only for reference)
  • Input 12V output 5V 3A 60mV (MAX)
  • Working temperature: industrial grade (-40 ℃ to +85 ℃) (environmental temperature exceeds 40 degrees, please reduce power use, or to strengthen dissipate heat).
  • Full temperature: 45 ℃
  • The no-load current: typical 10mA (12V 4.2V)
  • Load regulation rate: + 1%
  • Voltage regulation rate: 0.5%
  • The dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS
  • Indicator: Constant flow indicator light is red, charging light is red, after charging indicator light is blue.
  • Output short circuit protection: Yes, constant current (setting the value of the constant current).
  • Connection: Wire can welded in PCB directly.

    Download the Specsheet

    Download hier de Specsheet


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