Joystick Module KY-023 - XY-Axis

Joystick Module KY-023 - XY-Axis

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Joystick Module KY-023 - XY-Axis
- X Axis
- Y Axis
- Pushbutton Z Axis
- Input 5 Volt ...More information
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Product description

  • Availability: In stock
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Joystick  Module KY-023  -  XY-Axis

Product Description

This joystick module can be used in robotic projects and is very similar to analog joysticks used for gaming. It is made by mounting two potentiometers perpendicular to each other. They are connected to a short stick centered by springs. These two potentiometers enable us to sense dual axis( XY ) movement of the stick. It also has a select button which is actuated when the stick is pressed down in the Z direction. This Joystick Module can be easily interfaced with Arduino Boards, Raspberry Pi and Microcontrollers using Analog to Digital Converter.

Pin Out

  • GND – Power Supply Ground
  • +5V  – 5V Power Supply
  • VRx – X axis output voltage
  • VRy – Y axis output voltage
  • SW – Select button output voltage

The analog output will be around 2.5V in both VRx and VRy outputs when the stick is in the center position. It varies to 5V and 0V when the stick is moved to and fro


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