At HTF Electronics we find a good customer service very important therefore you may contact us by various ways such as telephone, Skype, Email and post. we are able to speak Dutch, English, German and French.

Customer service
Telephone number Customer service: 0031-547-274015 (between 14.00 - 21.00 Hrs)
Mail address:

Shipping costs
The Shipping costs are based on weight and size, for products that can fit in a mailbox (NL) the maximum price is 3.84 Euro. For packages that are larger than a mailbox can hold its 6,95 Euro
Shipping to Belgium, Germany and France with a maximum of 30 kilo € 14,95.

What is your delivery time?
All our products are in stock, your order will arrive to you within 3 days (NL)
Shipping outside NL can take up to 5 days

How can i return a order?
In case you are not satisfied with your order you may return the purchased item, after all we want you to be happy with what you have bought.

To return a order please carefully use the following procedure

1-- Within 14 days of receiving your order contact our customer service regarding your request for return a return request must be sent to
Please provide us with your address, invoice number and reason for return (optional)

2-- After confirmation of our customer service please return the item within 14 days, you need to provide a copy or your invoice, and note your bank account number to which we can issue a refund.

3-- As soon as we have received your return order, you will be updated about us receiving your return, after that we will issue a full refund including shipping costs with a maximum of 6,95 euro within 7 days after receiving the return order.