GPS Shield Ublox NEO

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  • Stukprijs:€27,50 / Stuk
New GPS Shield Ublox/u-blox CT-1612UB
Micro SD 5v for Arduino With Antenna.

New and High Quality
Arduino GPS shield is a GPS module breadout board designed for Global Positioning System receiver with SD interface. It is easy to use for recording the position data into SD card. 5V/3.3V compatible operation voltage level make it compatible with Arduino boards.
With Micro SD interface
Active antenna design with high receive sensitivity, compatible normal antenna
Extremely fast time to first fix at low signal level
UART interface
Electrical Characteristics:
PCB size : 55.7*55.1mm
Indicators : PPS and POWER
Power supply : DC 5V
compatible with Arduino
Communication Protocol
UART (TTL LEVEL) 9600(Default)


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