ICL8038 Voltage Controlled Oscillator

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This is a precision Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) and waveform generator.
This chip is in a DIP housing. Suitable sockets are DIP-14-L-(5) (low-cost, flat pins) or DIP-14-Q-(5)or (high-quality, round pins)..
DIP-ZIF28 is a ZIF socket that could be used with this chip.

Key Features

Low Frequency Drift with Temperature 250ppm/oC
Low Distortion 1%(SineWave Output)
High Linearity 0.1%(Triangle Wave Output)
Wide Frequency Range 0.001Hz to 300kHz
Variable Duty Cycle 2%to 98%
High Level Outputs TTL to 28V
Simultaneous Sine, Square, and Triangle Wave Outputs
Easy to Use - Just a Handful of External Components Required

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