MPU6050-6 As-Gyroscope Accelerometer Sensor

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MPU6050-6 As-Gyroscope Accelerometer Sensor

MPU-6000 is the world's first integrated 6 axis motion processing components, compared to many components, from the combination between the axis of gyroscope and accelerator problem, reduce the size of a large number of packaging.MPU - 6000 integrated the three axis of gyroscope, three axis accelerator, and can be connected by a second I2C ports of other labels of the accelerator, magnetic sensors, or other Digital Motion sensor processing (DMP: Digital Motion Processor) hardware acceleration engine, the main I2C port, in the form of a single data stream to an output complete fusion calculus technology company of 9 shaft movement process database, can handle complex movement test data, reduces the movement processing operation load of the operating system, and provide a framework for application development API.
2). MPU-6000 the angular velocity of the sensing range is + 250, + 500, + 500 to + 2000degree/SEC (DPS), tracking fast and slow or quick, accurate and user programmable control of accelerator is the sensing range of plus or minus 2 g, plus or minus 4 g + 8 g and 16 g +.Transmission of product can be through the I2C of up to 400 KHZ or up to 20 MHZ of SPI.
3). MPU-6000 can be work under different voltage, VDD voltage 2.5V+/-5%, 3.0V+/-5%, or 3.3 V+/-5%, logical interface VVDIO power supply of 1.8V+/-5%.MPU-6000 packing size 4 x4x0.9mm (QFN), is the size of the revolutionary in the industry.Other features include a built-in temperature sensor, contains only plus or minus 1% in operation environment variable oscillator.

2.Range of application
1). The motion detection
2). The body feeling game
3). The electronic image stabilization
4). The navigation

1). The power supply voltage: 5 v
2). communication: IIC
3). The output resolution: 16 bit
4). gyroscope measuring range: + 250, + 500, + 1000, + 1000 ° per second (DPS)
5). The accelerometer measurement range: + 2, + 4, 8, plus or minus + 16 g
6). The PCB size: 23 * 23 mm
7). Install distributed distance: 18 * 18 mm
8). The installation hole size: Φ 3

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